Global Public Health

“There is no human endeavor that is outside of the realm of public health.”

– Bill Foege

Ensuring that all people globally have access to safe, affordable and equitable health care is foundational for a bright future. 

We recognize that the social, economic and environmental inequities across many populations are important factors in determining health status among the population.

As a firm, we work tirelessly to solve problems that are at the heart of addressing inequity and driving toward universal access to health care. 

Our team is well versed in the full range of capabilities required to work on global public health issues – social science, epidemiology, management science and more. 

We apply our skills and capabilities to understand and solve complex problems in communicable diseases (such as HIV, TB and COVID-19) and non-communicable diseases. 

We design, develop, manage and evaluate health programs and portfolios with foundations and non-profits. We generate insights about what is working, and why or why not, to better understand how health programs and portfolios can evolve to address pressing needs. 

Examples of questions we have addressed or are thinking about include:

  • How can we ensure reliable, continuous supply of health products to individuals in greatest need?

  • What is the range of options for introducing a novel health product in a particular location? 

  • What types of financing and investment structures could incentivize commodity security in vaccines?

  • What are potential partnership structures that could support sustainable business models in global health?
We are working with GIA on developing a comprehensive strategy to engage high quality companies in the development of vaccines for developing countries. GIA has played an invaluable role in synthesizing the team’s iterative, creative brainstorming process and aspirational goals into a succinct set of strategic objectives and execution plan. Amy and her team are skilled in listening, probing and facilitating to guide teams towards coherent strategic alignment. They are also able to leverage deep experience and relationships in the international development sector. I would strongly recommend engaging GIA to develop or clarify global development program goals and implementation plans.

Program Investment Officer, Program-Related Investments, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
I have worked with the GIA team on two projects exploring exciting early-stage opportunities: assessing the implementation sciences landscape in academic global health and helping to launch a new multi-sector global health alliance for the Bay Area. In both endeavors, GIA was an excellent partner, bringing the right team with a depth of expertise in global health, challenging our assumptions, and helping us think through what it takes to move from an early idea into something practical with a solid value proposition. GIA’s collaborative approach was especially helpful in guiding our efforts around governance and membership for the Bay Area Alliance, and the firm has continued to stay involved in the alliance as it evolves into a more mature organization.

- Colin Boyle, University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Examples of our work include:

Investment concept development

The GIA team developed the value proposition for a key investment initiative in family planning and reproductive health. GIA led engagement with potential grantees to refine the concept and proposed governance and coordination mechanisms to support the initiative to scale up access to contraception in focus countries.

Research and analysis

GIA has provided analytical and research support across a range of epidemiological topics, from incidence measurement to data platform/collection sustainability to intersections with Covid-19.

Partnership structures

GIA developed a set of potential models for organizational sustainability and continuity and worked with the non-profit research and development client to evaluate these options. The GIA team presented the options to the board of directors and a path forward was chosen, enabling the organization’s important global health work to continue. 


GIA led the design and development of a global forecast for a health product, which informed program strategy. 


GIA’s experts leveraged impact modeling best practices to evaluate and improve investment impact models. GIA’s experts provided guidance and quality control for multiple healthcare innovations.   

Consortium management

GIA launched and supported both short-and-long-term donor consortia to align interests and coordinate investment on issues related to family planning and the sustainability of HIV Population-based cohort studies.