We are passionate about the issues we work on, from climate change to global health. 


Global Public Health

We’re well versed in the full range of capabilities required to work on global public health issues—social science, epidemiology, management science, and more.

Environmental sustainability

We understand the challenges that a changing climate are placing on our planet and we aim to use evidence to inform sustainable programming and investments.

Global development

We bring knowledge and awareness of the importance that a range of issues play in human development, including education, equity, economic mobility and more.

US programs

We engage deeply with stakeholders throughout our US-based social impact work to bring a diversity of perspectives rooted in local challenges and opportunities.

Functional Areas

Strategy development and advisory support

We are skilled in the strategy development process and specialize in its application to socially impactful programs.

Organizational development

We can offer a full range of consulting and technical services to support organizational development (e.g. leadership, governance, change management, etc).

Strategic alliances and partnerships

We work with our partners to conceptualize, design, develop, manage and evaluate multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Measurement, evaluation and learning

We design, develop and execute measurement, learning and evaluation programs for programs, portfolios and organizations.

Who We Work With


If you are a foundation, we can serve as an independent but trusted partner, providing strategic support and additional capacity that flexes to meet your needs.


If you are a non-profit, we can work with you to increase the connection between your vision and your work on the ground, as well as your organizational capacity to achieve your goals.


If you are a corporation, we can work with you to develop and design impactful programs as well as to understand your impact. 

Interested in partnering with us?