GIA Clients

GIA serves a range of clients that are focused on providing access to the best technology and services that benefit the poor around the world. We are pleased to work with clients who are looking at social, medical, and environmental problems from a range of angles, including as funders, implementers, and researchers. Each group makes a measurable impact on the problems we are all trying to solve.


that have ambitious goals and are working with grantees and investees to achieve them.


who are interested in identifying great organizations in which to invest time, attention, and financial resources to do good.

Impact investors

including institutions or individuals who are interested in providing equity instead of grant dollars to achieve their social objectives.


that aim to grow and expand the reach of their work through fundraising and by developing and managing programs that achieve their defined outcomes.


that are deploying research and implementation funding and want to ensure that it will be spent on areas that are on the critical path to impact.


that are building and managing social services and scientific research programs.