Coordinating collaboration among donors:
GIA supports efforts to increase access to Sayana® Press, a sub-cutaneous contraceptive delivered through a Uniject device, which allows for a single use, preloaded injection.  The popularity of injections throughout Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America leads many experts and institutions to believe that injectables are an important method to support the achievement of the Family Planning 2020 goal, established during the 2012 London Summit, of enabling 120 million more women and girls to access and use modern methods of contraception. The promising potential of Sayana Press is being tested and evaluated by organizations such as PATH and FHI360, which seek to better understand the feasibility, acceptability, and cost-effectiveness of this female contraceptive product. A price announcement made in November 2014 by Pfizer, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (UK), aims to further extend access and eliminate cost barriers to Sayana Press for women with limited access to modern contraceptive methods. GIA assists in the coordination of activities across multiple donors including providing strategic support, facilitation, and project management.